Library Rules and Procedures 

The following are the guidelines to ensure that the library Media Center runs monthly:

Sign In: All students are expected to sign in, in order to use the library. There is an extra sign in for those who also need to use the computers. (To use the computers. Students must have stickers confirming parental permission to do so.)

Students must be in correct uniform with ID’s clearly displayed, in order to use the Library.

No personal electronic equipment is allowed in the Library Media Center, (Also no ear phones, except with special permission to use them).

No eating/drinking, playing, or talking loud in the Media Center

Books are checked out for period of two weeks and are renewable after this period

A fee of 10 cents per day applies for any day a checked-out book is over due

Books cannot be reshelf if one is not absolutely sure where to put them back to, for if a book is put in the wrong spot, it is considered lost even though it is still somewhere on the shelf

             Damaged/Lost Books

Minor damages like small wear and tear is repairable; but 

books beyond repair or damages from food or fluids have 

to be paid for at replacement cost. 

Consequences for disciplinary issues:

1st offense – verbal warning/a friendly reminder

2nd offense – verbal warning

3rd offense – parent contact

4th offense – administrative action 

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